Sunday, July 20, 2008

Comics Booklet covers deep local issues

In this workshop, the children have taken up many other sensitive issues intertwined with corporal punishment. Children have created comics where the girls are ill-treated at home and in school. Children have very delicately put down the reasons that bring wrath to the teacher. One boy drew a story on harassment of the student for not taking the teacher’s coaching. Another girl made a story on how heads of the girls are banged and hair pulled and cut if they do not make two pony tails. In another booklet the boy reflected the discrimination against girls to access education irrespective of her capabilities which are many times better than the boys. This was practically explained by a boy who told to the group members that only 24 percent of students passed in class 10th boards this year, out of which 15 percent were girls. Few other booklets reflected how the teacher’s take out their personal and professional frustration on the students. But this is not all. Few comics also show how teachers have been influential to effect changes at home by involving parents into positive ways of dealing with children.

One of the participant Nitesh, when went out of the workshop to get some stationary, in the auto a man took his newly created comic booklet from the pocket. When he flipped through the pages, after some thought he refused to return his comics. When the Nitesh demanded to have his booklet back the man replied that since the boy has made it this time, he can always make another one the next time. Nitesh had to part with his comics with a heavy heart. He had not even shown it to his parents and friends yet. But it also came as a surprise for him to see the acceptability of his work.

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