Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Four more workshop between 30th May to 1st June, 2008

In the second phase of the series of workshops, four different villages were covered by our new trainers. The workshop was conducted from 30th May to 1st June, 2008. The trainers in group of two conducted the workshop in each other’s villages.
Sudhir and Smita conducted the workshop in Ramnagar Pandetola. Their workshop was a wonder in itself. Due to lack of any place the workshop was organised under a tree even at forty five degree of heat. The trainers used the bark of the tree to hang the chart paper, to be used as a blackboard. The comics and papers were blowing in the wind. However it was not a deterrent to our young trainers. Even other villagers gathered around to see what the occasion was. They appreciated the children and encouraged them. After the last day the villagers came and asked the trainers if the new “school” was not running anymore.

In Kunserva, the workshop was conducted by Rajni, Ghanshyam and Ram Prasad. All the three trainers were from different villages. When they saw the participants of this village, who were too small for any such workshop, they never believed that the children would ever be able to follow any of their instructions. They explained them with examples, illustrations and experiences before the children were ready to make their own comics. It was a sight to watch them engrossed in their comics, so much that they even skipped their lunch. Moreover, the first day the children were late for the workshop, but on the second day they were even before time!

Abhinesh and Sajivan conducted the workshop in Shyamkat village. Despite being new to the village, the children went house to house to call the children to participate. Many women also gathered and made their own comics although it was not very relevant to the issue.

Saraswati and Santoshi conducted the workshop in Trilokpur together. Twenty one children attended the workshop. Some children told the trainers that they already knew how to make comics as they had seen Saraswati’s comics posted in the village before. Since this big number of children was not expected, the stationary fell short. But the children coordinated with each other and four children shared one pencil in this workshop.

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